Session 3: Automated Lead Generation


If you're convinced its finally time for you to build your very own automated Lead and Sales generating machine...

It's your turn to succeed online,

We want to help you do it!

the digital wayfinders membership

A brand new way to build a business online.
This one of a kind membership has been designed to bring you the most up to date comprehensive strategies, support, tools, knowledge, resources and community so that you and your business can absolutely thrive.

detailed action plans

Cohesive Strategies

comprehensive software

complete Toolbox

Community & Coaching

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what's included?

detailed implementation focused action plans

Detailed implementation focused action plans for every step and stage of business so you can get out of overwhelm and simply get things done.

These action plans tell you exactly what to do each day from start to finish when it comes to implementing things like:

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This is the knowledge you need to succeed online. There are 3 main pillars of online business growth…your foundations (who you are, who you help and how you help them), your traffic (this is the lifeblood of your business) and your sales systems (these are the mechanisms that allow you to convert leads into customers).

You’ll find comprehensive easy to follow strategies for every stage of business. These are premium courses that most other coaches charge thousands of dollars for.

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Learnpod is the future of learning, connecting and selling online

Easy to use strategy centric full featured software without all the limitations and hefty price tags.

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the Digital Wayfinders Toolkit

Comprehensive copy workbooks for every funnel you need to grow online, a library of email sequences, canva templates, promotional prompts, graphic assets

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community, Coaching & Feedback

This is the community you’ve been waiting for.

A place to get feedback, find inspiration and encouragement, share your wins and celebrate others.

Every question answered when you need it answered.

The feedback your looking for and monthly hot seat reviews with indepth Q&A calls.

(That's Only $2.56 Per Day!)
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Frequently Asked Questions:

You’ll get immediate access to all five components that we offer inside of the membership. We are in the process of updating some of the resources and courses and they will be added as soon as we are done. The information is not dripped out but as new strategies, tools and courses are created they will be added.

There is no commitment with the Digital Wayfinders Membership. As long as you find value here we hope you stay.

All five components of The Digital Wayfinders Membership are incredibly valuable in and of themselves. Even if you don’t need LearnPod yet or aren’t convinced you’ll love it way more than what you are currently using …you’ll definitely find way more value here than the monthly membership fee.

We truly make it as easy as possible for you to cancel your membership if you decide this isn’t for you.

Just send an email to [email protected] and we will take care of the rest, no questions asked.

(That's Only $2.56 Per Day!) No Contract. Cancel Anytime.

this is what its like to work with us...

I’ve had the privilege of working with them for nearly 3 years. I’ve come to really appreciate their talents for content creation and digital marketing…just about anything online, they are my number on go to…but there is so much more to this team of digital wizards.

Bonnie and Dustin are a formidable team. I’ve been so lucky to have them in my corner on this journey. Bonnie is the most patient of all coaches…her guidance through the maze of the online space is second to NONE. There is no more confusion or feeling stuck and I’m having such fun getting it done.

I can’t speak highly enough of these two pioneers

Toni B.

(That's Only $2.56 Per Day!) No Contract. Cancel Anytime.

Imagine how much faster you could move your business forward if you...

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everything you need to succeed

All for the Incredible Value Of Just $77/Month

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It's Time to Build the Business of Your Dreams.

The Digital Wayfinder's Membership is the plan, the strategy, the tools & resouces and the community you need to do it.

(That's Only $2.56 Per Day!) No Contract. Cancel Anytime.

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