Do you dream of finally launching your business but feel totally stuck on the tech?

Maybe the thought of building a funnel makes you feel sick.

Or maybe you’ve got some lovely templates but connecting them with your email sequences and Facebook pixels  makes you want to pull your hair out.

Maybe you washed your hands of it all along time ago and instead outsource your funnel building and tech set up to someone else but things take too long and its become a total nightmare.

We get it, and we want you to know your not alone.

When we started our business, we discovered there were a LOT of people who were stuck on this awful tech learning curve and unfortunately many of those people would be delayed for months or worse yet they would give up and never launch their course or coaching program successfully. 

There are SO many moving parts, and it’s very easy to get stuck along the way.

What if you could say goodbye to your tech tasks and headaches forever…and even reduce your monthly software cost in the process?

Well now you can...

introducing The tech accelerator

It's kinda like if your funnel designer, IT guy, and all the software you need got put together into one seamless incredibly priced package.

comprehensive tech team

funnel building Software

Member Area

Email Autoresponder

graphic design Team

What is A tech accelerator?

In the most basic terms, a Tech Accelerator is a single focused session with a single client meant to accomplish a specific outcome in as little as a few hours. 

A Tech Accelerator can help you get unstuck and moving forward fast.   

Book a Tech Accelerator to get your member area setup, build out a full automated email sequence, lead magnet funnel, course sales page, full evergreen workshop funnel, or pretty much anything else you can think of. 

You Focus on your Business. Let Us Focus on the Tech.


STEP 1. Clarify The Objective

On our initial discovery call we will determine what specific outcome your Tech Accelerator should focus on.

Do you want to sell a course? Do you have a group coaching program to launch? Are you wanting to build an email list?

Your Tech Accelerator is designed to meet you where you’re at and to help with that we have put together comprehensive funnel strategies for just about everything.  


*If you need more personalized copy help ask us about our One on One copy jam sessions. 

STEP 2: Super Charged Copy Preparation

We’ve got the tech but we will need a first draft of the copy for your pages/emails ect. 

But don’t worry if you’re not an expert copy writer just download the copy workbooks we created for a huge head start. 

Yes, you read that correctly, we even help you with copy.

We have incredibly high converting funnel copy templates for every strategy. 

After you decide on your growth strategy simply download the copy workbook…including email sequences.


You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging did you?


Once we have everything we need from you (like your copy and brand guidance ect.) we get to work right away. 

BTW.. we have a really cool branding exercise available to help you dial in your perfect style ..if you need it

You’ll tell us about your colors, themes, fonts and the graphic elements you are most drawn to and our team of experts will take it from there.  

I'm interested...
What's next?

Let's Chat!

Let’s hop on a quick phone call and just make sure that we are the right fit for you

On that call we will ask you about your business and your goals and make sure that we can help you get where you want to go.

If we feel like we can help you, we will explain exactly what this process will look like and what you can expect from us. 

This is absolutely not a sales call. We don’t really even know how to do those. 😉 If it’s not the right fit for you that will be that. If you do like the sound of things we will show you how to get started with us.

What's included?

Each Tech Accelerator is uniquely tailored to exactly what you need help with but here are a few examples

Member Area
Tech Accelerator

$ 297
  • Dedicated 2 hour session to complete your member area setup
  • Customized plan of action
  • Setup Course Structure, Payment Plans, and Welcome Email Sequence
  • All Software for member area and email automation included
  • Comprehensive Support with included Digital Wayfinders Membership

Lead Generation
Tech Accelerator

$ 497
  • Dedicated 4 hour session to complete your lead generation funnel
  • Customized plan of action
  • Setup Landing and Authority Amplifier pages and Welcome Email Sequence
  • All Software for funnel and email automation included
  • Comprehensive Support with included Digital Wayfinders Membership

Evergreen Workshop
Tech Accelerator

$ 947
  • 2 dedicated 4 hour sessions to complete your evergreen workshop funnel
  • Customized plan of action
  • Setup Workshop Video Pages and Email Sequence
  • All Software for workshop funnel and email automation included
  • Comprehensive Support with included Digital Wayfinders Membership

What does the tech accelerator replace?

With the Tech Accelerator everything you need seemlessly connects. Your funnels, your member areas, your automated email sequences and the best part is that you don’t have to figure it out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Our team has been doing this for a while and we are a pretty well oiled machine.  We aim to complete all Tech Accelerators in a single day but with that said should something fall behind schedule for whatever reason we will work with you to get it sorted out as soon as possible.

Your Tech Accelerator scope is set ahead of time so that we can finish in no more than as single day. However, if you want to add additional growth strategies to your business our team will build out extra pages and sequences as part of an additional Tech Accelerator project.

Your monthly subscription covers on going software costs.  Part of that is a very generous supply of consumable credits for sending emails and text messages.  Of course should you need more you can purchase additional monthly credits.

Every business is unique and no one understands your business better than you. While we give you all the copy help in the most broken down easy to follow way you are responsible for creating your copy and writing your emails. If this is not something that you want to take on we do have a copywriting service and can help you with this at a discounted one-time fee.

You do! There is a one time set up fee which covers your builds and tech set up once done those assets are yours to do what you want to with. Moving forward your software subscription is just $77/mo.

Our designers are really talented and can easily replicate other strategies and templates. If you want to use a strategy we don’t currently offer we can certainly discuss this.

How does the technology accelerator compare to other technology services?

that's a total savings of at least $4,416

It's Time to End The Technology Headache Forever.

Sign Up for A Technology Accelerator Today and Let Us Bring Your Business Dreams to Life.