Session 2: consistent Daily Sales


This video series and simple daily exercises will help you overcome the most common problems that are keeping you from the business of your dreams.

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While you are able to consume this unique workshop on your own time, its not meant to be something that you do on your own. As you go through the sessions and exercises we hope that you connect with us on messenger for feedback. We’ll help you with ideas and ensure you are heading in the right direction. When you connect you’ll also unlock valuable bonuses. 

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Digital Wayfinders Membership

For years we have endeavored to create comprehensive systems to solve the biggest problems we face as we built and helped others build businesses online.  The Digital Wayfinders Membership is the culmination of all of that effort to bring online entrepreneurs all of the tools, training, software and support they need to be truly successful.

Who are we Anyways?

Bonnie and Dustin — Entrepreneur Educators

Bonnie is a true educator and maybe part super hero.. not only is she the brains behind most of the content inside the Digital Wayfinders Membership and is responsible for keeping things running around here she somehow manages to do so while still being a full time homeschooling mom and professional vacation taker.  

In the almost 13 years we’ve been married Dustin hasn’t come across a single problem he couldn’t solve. He is seriously one of the smartest tech Entrepreneurs I know and definitely someone you want in your corner when you are strategizing about systems or marketing.  Dustin is passionate about seeing other entrepreneurs thrive and has a special gift for making technology simple for the rest of us. 

As we have built our own business online and helped over 5000 others do the same it has been painfully obvious that the same roadblocks are faced by just about everyone over and over again.  It is our mission to guide other entrepreneurs past those hurdles and to help them discover the success they are destined for as they build their online business.

What are you waiting for?​

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